Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Dear Co-workers at the Pastoral Center and in our Parishes,

Thank you for caring so much about the Work we all do, the Faith we share, and the People we inspire.

You are all in our prayers.
Hope to see you all soon!
The Catholic Foundation







By Trisha Stanley

Strife has no color
It has no limitations
It comes in all sizes, shapes and forms
Whether you are ready for it or not

It may strike at anytime
It may strike you
There are no solid answers
There are no solid solutions
There is just us and what we make of it

Living through 2020 we have learned many things
We learned to appreciate those who care for us
We learned to appreciate those who teach us
We learned to appreciate ourselves and our fortitude
More importantly we learned that life is a precious gift

A gift not to be taken for granted
A gift that comes with a price
A price so rewarding that it fills our hearts with love
So we give thanks and are humble
We have so much before us

We walk with one foot in front of the other
Our arms linked closely to society as we heal
Picking up the pieces and building anew
A better us – a better society
With clearer vision and greater appreciation
Of what may lay ahead

To Our Clergy
From Katheryn Hutchinson



Dear Frontline Workers
From Liz Aguallo

Thank you for being a beacon of hope to your flock during these challenging times.

Please know that you are ALL in my thoughts and prayers as we are all in this together.

Keep up the good work!




Someone I would like to recognize is Rosa Palma. Not only does she work tirelessly to ensure our building is cleaned and sanitized daily, but she always radiates an inner joy when she is around. No matter how your day is, when she enters a room, her smile lightens your mood. I pray that God continues to bless this woman because she is truly a gift to all who encounter her.
Monalisa Oreschnick







Valentine Shoutouts
From Elizabeth Bollinger

Thank you to all our ACA donors for bringing hope to our young people and families, to our parish communities and to our Diocese.

Thank you priests, for your service and sacrifice during the pandemic.

Bishop Weisenburger, Thank you for safely leading this Diocese through the pandemic. We appreciate your leadership.

Welcome back Charlie! Glad you are back at work.

Congrats Father Lyons on your retirement.

CTSO thank you for providing a quality, Catholic education to kids in our diocese.

To Those Who Support Food Drives
From Julieta Gonzalez

Good morning, good people!

I can’t tell you what it was like when I drove up to my neighbor’s door with the most beautiful and generous food boxes you distributed last evening.  She’s the single mom of a young boy, takes care of her own mom and while employed as a kinder teacher, a paycheck goes only so far, especially during the holidays.

The look of happiness and joy on her face was priceless.  No tears, just JOY and her statement of “We really needed this,” said it all.

On behalf of my neighbor, another thank you!

Valentine Shoutouts

Thank you, my dear Co-workers!  looking forward to us all working together in person, soon!

You are in my prayers! To all my co-workers who have requested prayers for yourself or a loved one.

To the Catholic Foundation, Thank you for all you do to support the people of our Diocese.

To all the amazing priests of the Diocese, Bishop Weisenburger and Bishop Kicanas, Thank you for fortifying my faith!




Happy Valentine’s Day
From Anne Morales




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