2013 Grants


3,000.00 - St. John the Evangelist Catholic School for Intercom and exit gates

10,000.00 - St. Augustine Catholic High School for 20 iPad minis and 3 digital textbooks for each staff

2,700.00 - St. Ambrose Catholic School for physical education equipment (mats, ropes, balls, goals, etc.)


7,417.58 - Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church for sound system for church

10,000.00 - St. James Catholic Church for assistance with church roof repair

10,000.00 - St. John the Evangelist Catholic Parish for screen/projector/wiring for assisted listening

7,500.00 - St. Helen of the Cross for 265 stackable chairs and new paint for hall

10,000.00 - St. Anthony of Padua Parish for assistance toward the cost of replacing HVAC system

10,000.00 - St. Monica's Roman Catholic Church for assistance toward church roof repair

10,000.00 - Santa Cruz Roman Catholic Parish for church and school parking lot security cameras

10,000.00 - St. Michael Mission for installation of AC unit, ducts, and vents

Social Issues

1,780.00 - Search for Christian Maturity Retreat for technology enhancements for retreats

5,000.00 - St. Thomas More Newman Catholic Student Center for 7 new computers and software

6,000.00 - Retrouvaille of Southern Arizona Tucson for couples training, priest training, program fees

8,000.00 - Pio Decimo Center for Volunteer In Service To America (VISTA) worker

10,780.00 - Catholic Community Services for furniture and equipment for domestic violence shelters

3,000.00 - Community Outreach Program for the Deaf to provide support to relocated deaf refugees from Nepal

10,000.00 - Catholic Community Services for pastoral ministry stipends

5,000.00 - Jordan Ministry Team for catechist costs for Tohono O'odham sacrament prep

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