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Mission Statement

The mission of the Catholic Foundation is to educate, motivate and invigorate stewardship within the Diocese of Tucson, to garner resources in a fiscally transparent and responsible manner, and to manage and distribute solicited gifts for the immediate and long term needs of the faith community of the Diocese.

Grant Disbursement Goals

To support Catholic charitable, religious and educational programs, and ministries in the Diocese of Tucson under the authority of the Bishop of Tucson.

To act as good stewards of Foundation resources by distributing funds in a fair and accountable manner.

To evaluate program successes and accomplishments.

To honor the requests of benefactors in the distribution of income distribution from endowments where the Catholic Foundation is named as the Trustee.

Eligibility/Areas of Funding

Based on our Mission and Goals, the Catholic Foundation selects candidates to receive funding. Only organizations and programs in the Diocese of Tucson that operate under the authority of the Bishop of Tucson are eligible to receive funding. The service area must be within the geographic boundaries of the Diocese of Tucson.

Grant Submission Process

1.  Applicants submit applications to the Catholic Foundation Office by the December 31st deadline.

2.  The Finance & Investment Committee reviews applications and makes funding recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval at the March meeting each year.

3.  Recipients are notified by April of each year.

4.  Prior to funding the grant recipient will sign a Grant Agreement.

Grant Funding Process

All funds received by recipients must be spent in the time specified on the grant.

Requests for operational funds must be explained on the application or on the budget request.

Grant recipients must complete a Grant Evaluation Summary prior to requesting additional funding.

Funds cannot be used for the following:

Direct funds to individuals

Contributions to fundraisers, events or drives

Debt reduction

Funds to establish a foundation

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