Cathedral Square Renovation

The Challenge

The Diocese of Tucson has worked diligently at enhancing Cathedral Square over the years, believing it should remain a spiritual and community center of downtown. Extensive renovations to the Cathedral and the addition of Msgr. Carrillo Placita have continued to express the heart and soul of Tucson. The Cathedral remains one of the most photographed buildings in the Southwest and the square is a frequent destination for visitors of all faiths to Tucson’s city center and downtown businesses and cultural districts.

The Benefits

The Diocese of Tucson believes completion of Cathedral Square is an essential component and contribution to the continued development of downtown and an important symbol of the history and future of the Catholic Church in Southern Arizona.

The renovation of Cathedral Square will be a vibrant expression of the Diocese’s continued support and celebration of the many cultures and influences that comprise our community.

Beautification of this block has the potential to attract and inspire even greater numbers of tourists, enhance the vibrancy of downtown and become a source of pride for all in the Diocese and community.

Completion of Cathedral Square would:

  • Demonstrate investment-in and care of the mother church of the Diocese of Tucson
  • Be an investment in downtown Tucson’s beautification and revitalization.
  • Fill a current void of available “Class A” conference space within the Tucson area for use by the Diocese and the community.


The Components

Following the addition of the Monsignor Arsenio S. Carrillo Placita and renovations to Saint Augustine Cathedral, the Diocese is now looking to restore Our Lady’s Chapel and to build a multifunction facility that could serve the great need for meeting space for our Diocese of Tucson family. Wanting a thoughtful and expert approach, the Diocese has hired a local, well-known and respected architect, Richard Fe Tom, Principal of “The Architecture Company,” to design the plan for Cathedral Square. The components of the plan include:

Cathedral Hall

A multifunction meeting facility will be built on the site of the former hall. Since the conversion of Regina Cleri Seminary to St. Augustine High School in 2003, there has been a need for Diocesan-wide meeting space to convene retreats, training/formation programs and conferences. This conference center would also function as a banquet facility.

Our Lady’s Chapel

The Chapel will be restored to its former glory to provide a smaller, more intimate space for worship and ceremonies. Our Lady’s Chapel would be made open and available to the general public as a reflective place for prayer and contemplation.

Complete Grounds Renovation

To create vibrant, beautiful green spaces to unify the entire square and create a significant new public space for all of Tucson.


Ernie Nedder
Cathedral Square Campaign Manager

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