Cathedral Square

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Donate to Cathedral Square
Donate to Cathedral Square

Revitalization and Beautification Project:
Phase Three

Education and Spiritual Formation Facility

Phase Three of Cathedral Square focuses on the construction of an Education and Spiritual Formation Facility that will include a conference center that seats 500, cathedral offices, and diocesan offices. In addition to investing in downtown Tucson’s beautification and revitalization, Cathedral Square will provide a reflective space for the community. This facility will also make available meeting and education spaces for teaching, compliance training, and continual education for priests, deacons, religious, and lay people, as well as community events.

The imaginative and aesthetic approach that has encompassed Cathedral Square was designed by well-known and respected local architect, Richard Fe Tom, principal architect of The Architecture Company.

Cathedral Hall

Cathedral Hall will serve as the multi-functional education, spiritual formation, and administrative heart that will be the center of Diocesan life for 450,000 Catholics who make up the Diocese of Tucson.

Our Lady’s Chapel Exterior

Recipient of three historic preservation awards, this jewel within downtown has been fully renovated and will be a place of quiet and peace within the bustling downtown area of Tucson. Its new exterior color will blend beautifully with the other buildings on the Square, providing a coherent design to the space encompassed by Cathedral Square.

Marist College

Renovation of this historic building into a community center and housing for low income seniors will be accomplished by the Foundation for Senior Living in Phoenix without any cost to the Diocese. The Diocese retains ownership of the property but sees this project as consistent with its mission to serve others.

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