Annual Catholic Appeal

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2023 Annual Catholic Appeal

We are the mission of the Church

Supporting our parishes, Catholic schools, and each other

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The Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) is the largest source of funding for the works of the Diocese of Tucson. The Appeal provides the financial resources for the ministries and charities that serve individuals and families of our parishes, schools, and communities.

Each year, the Catholic Foundation and Bishop Edward J. Weisenburger, in collaboration with the parishes and missions of the Diocese, renew the Annual Catholic Appeal to raise the much-needed funding for the financial support of the Catholic charities and ministries which serve people throughout our Diocese.

$4,000,000 Goal

Each year, the Diocese of Tucson assesses its financial resources and its ability to respond effectively and with compassion to the needs of our parishes, Catholic schools, and the community it serves.

Click Here to Donate to the 2023 Annual Catholic Appeal

Annual Catholic Appeal fundsĀ ARE NOT USED to offset capital expenses, uncollectible debt, depreciation, repayment of loans, or legal services.

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

Why is our Diocese conducting the Annual Catholic Appeal?

The ACA represents more than 51% of the support needed to fund the diocesan ministries each year. The Bishop asks Catholics in the Diocese to generously support these important and on-going ministries that provide educational, pastoral, and charitable outreach to those living in the Diocese, by giving to the ACA.

Why do we need the ministries and services provided by the Diocese?

The ACA funds over 26 on-going ministries and services of the Church. These very important ministries and services are beyond the resources of any single parish. Coordinating programs at the Diocesan level, such as religious education, seminarian education and vocations, lay ministry formation, youth and young adults ministry, prison ministry, etc., eliminates duplication, provides consistency, and saves both time and money.

Is it important to give to the ACA, even though I am already giving to my parish?

The programs at your parish are very important and much of the work of the Church and the Diocese takes place at the local level. However, there are certain specialized services such as education, vocations, diocesan conferences and trainings, construction project services, for which the Diocese takes the major responsibility. These are vital services no single parish can provide and must be shared by all.

What should I give to the ACA?

The decision on how much to give needs to be personal and prayerful. God has given each of us gifts, graces, talents and abilities, which are to be shared responsibly and wisely with others. We are also challenged to make our financial gifts from substance, not abundance, and in proportion to our blessings.